Trump, Clinton, Mark Dubowitz And FDD

It might seem likely that dumping Donald Trump is not a viable solution to the magic of the evil giant, but, like most Goliaths, the Trump might have dealt himself a mortal blow. His Never Hillary campaign promotional blurb is really disturbing to married women whose husbands might have also had their husbands announce to the entire world that they never called that woman. Trump could easily have campaigned on a never Mark Dubowitz slogan with the same message as Never Hillary. The moral indignation that should be felt by married women can’t possibly be dulled by the entrance of his bulging third or fifth that woman who also happens to be his wife.

Do people know what the Donald is referring to with his new found anything for a vote campaign? Does the Donald have the courage to face his kids with his never woman stalking the stage like a black raven looking for a victim? It is obviously sickening to most people whose next meal is not dependent on food stamps that the Donald has chosen to make Hillary look like a victim with himself and Bill parading their latest women substitutes for their first. Maybe the Donald should take himself on a campaign of rejection for real.